Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Our HOLIDAY CLUB is open and welcomes all children (18 months-6 years) who have an holiday break and need a fun place to stay during that time (October 11th to October 29th)

Children between 18 months and 3 years will be joining our Toddlers'Club program, whereas the 4 to 6 years old will enjoy special games, activities, crafts with our devoted Mr Jake.
In the afternoon, the children can choose between activities from our afterschool club or guided games with Mr Jake.
Program will include (non exhaustive list):
Music and movement: mimic the sounds and movements of mystical creatures
Listen and learn: African Djembi and Japanese Taiko
Little Chefs (make your own snack): Make and eat an haunter house....
Story time: Mystical animals. knights, princesses, and dragons
Imaginative play, Arts and crafts, Discovery time....
Holiday Club schedule:
Morning: 8h-12h
Full Day: 8h-17h

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kids' Clay Class - Slideshow

This slideshow gives you a short overview of this great new class.
 Our young artists are learning how to work with wet clay, and will enjoy their final work after baking in a real pottery kiln.
Kids are creating real ceramic objects to be taken home,
which make them so happy and proud!
Yesterday class work was a Name Board.
Children could choose between 2 suggested shapes for their board (fish or leaf) and could write their names, by forming capital letters in clay. They also enjoyed "painting" their work, with a special mix of glaze and wet clay, and the final result will be brought back in 2 weeks,
after baking in proper ceramic kiln at the Pottery studio in town.
Don't forget the next class in 2 weeks, on Oct. 11th !
5 spaces are still left for this Kids' Clay Class for 2 classes only (Oct. 11th and 25th)
Contact us if you are interested!

Cat, Rat, Bat.... what is that?

It is time to get ready for Halloween....

Join our Friday afternoon special club " Halloween Fun Program" for 2 hours of games, crafts, entertainment around Halloween theme.
5 classes only in October to get ready for a big Halloween celebration, one theme per week!
Every friday in October, from 15h to 17h

"Keeping Safe" is what we want the kids learn...

As a parent. you certainly want to do everything to keep your child safe, especially when you aren't with them.
We are here to help!

"Keeping Safe Club" is a fun, engaging way to teach kids how to recognize, avoid and respond to everyday dangers. Each week, a different theme will be approached as for example safety with animals, plants, sun and water, traffic and street, toys, strangers...

Group discussion, focused games and imaginative play, books will help children to understand this important value, Safety first !

Every Wednesday, from 15h to 17h, in October!

Nature adventures for children

Every monday, let your children come to our small world and learn about animals, insects, plants and flowers... Mr Frog and Mr Flash (our snail) need entertainment! so do our 2 hamsters, and our little crab family!
This Nature Adventures Club is here to keep children learning about the nature and the environment, and become aware of this wonderful world, respect and love it.

Every monday afternoon, 15h to 17h00, with our bug hunter Mr Jake....

Friday, September 17, 2010

Music and movement in our Toddlers' and Afterschool Club

Music is like Magic to children !

Music and rhythm, in their many forms are part of all children’s lives.
Moving, dancing, singing, making sounds, making music,
that is all about in that class!
Let your children experience great joy with Ms Anita, who will guide them through rhythm and songs
Class will start in October, every Friday, 15h to 17h


All children love Play-Dough:
the texture, the color, the 3D dimension and the elasticity
of that media make it one of the prefered activity for young children.
This is the perfect activity to develop hand strengh, dexterity and
fine motor skills (all are essential for writing later on).
And on the top of that,
studies confirmed that using fingers and hands stimulate kids' brain!

Class run:
1 hour class with Ms Cyndi, Break with snacks and drinks,
45 min. free play under staff supervision
Starting in October, every Thursday, 15h to 17h

KIDS' CLAY CLASS in our Afterschool Club

Our first class was a lof of fun! children got to create their own imaginative animal sculpture in soft clay. Little cats, chubby elefants, crazy dinosaurs and crocodiles were among the creatures parents discovered at the end of the class.

There is still space available for up to 5 children, so if you are interested to join, please contact Noah's Club for enrolment.
This course is taking place twice a month, until end of october only.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I love books....

Every morning, it is a pleasure to see the children look at books, they love looking at them, telling stories, touching the pages trying to imitate the teachers!

We encourage you parents to take some time everyday with your child to read books, this is good for all areas of child's development!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Friday is "Costume making"...

 Which child does not like to get dressed up? This class is unique and offers your child the chance to create its own costume... We are using light materials, fun decoration gadgets, glue, tape and sewing required, and magically, little bees or fairies are starting to exist ....
Ready for ballet !

2 little buzzy buzzy bees ...