Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good Night, Sleep tight!...

This month our children are learning about nightime and sleeping time.
Last friday, it was "Pyjama's Day" at Noah's Club! All children had their favorite pyjama or nightgown in their bag and wore them to practice their Bedtime routine in a fun way together with their friends.
Thank you to all parents for letting us do the experience with your children.
They really enjoyed it, pretended really well they were going to bed, read a book, say good night and close their eyes!
They loved putting away their sleeping mats, pillows, and folding blankets...
Great job everyone!
Here is a short diashow ; can you recognize your child?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Club for Christmas

December is just around the corner and so does Christmas !
Our Holiday Club will be open for this season and children aged 2 to 7 years old will be welcome to enjoy recreational activities!
Opening time:
From Dec, 18th to January 7th (Club will be closed on Dec. 25th, 31st, and Jan.1st)

We offer childcare, recreation and leisure, creative and crafty activities everyday, in a friendly cosy environment.
Morning schedule is 8h to 12h, Afternoon 15h to 17h. Full day 8h to 17h.Open Monday to Saturday
Our holiday program is a great mix of recreational games and activities, music and singing, dancing, exercises with music, indoor and outdoor play, arts and crafts, imaginative play with costumes, quiet time and reading time.... to keep children busy, fit and happy!
Children will be split into groups depending on their ages and their interests.
Snacks and lunch are included in the fees.
If you would like to book for your child during this period, please contact us as soon as possible since space will be limited!

Reminder - Rules

“Mum and Baby Club”  (from 8h30 to 11h30)
Dear Mums and caregivers
This Club is a parent participation group for babies and young walkers. In order to create an organized and safe environment for our children we ask for your cooperation in observing the following rules:

v  It is required that each child has his own bag with spare clothes and nappies in a sufficient quantity
v  It is the parent/nanny’s responsibility to make sure her child is playing safely and remains under supervision at all times. If you  need to be away for a short while (toilet break for example!), please inform our teachers to make sure the baby is well taken care of during your absence.
v  It is expected that a parent or nanny actively participate together with the child in the proposed activities. If a child does not want to participate and prefers to play with toys please play in the areas that do not disrupt the whole group’s activities.
v  In this Club children are starting to learn  to follow a routine and rules . We ask parents/ nannies to observe the schedule as much as possible (especially when eating is concerned: there is a time and a place for snack => Eating area, Snack : 9h45; Lunch 11h30).
v  It would be highly appreciated if the use of mobile phones would be minimized while in the Club.

Toddlers’ and Young Learners’ Club (8h00-12h/17h00)

Dear Mums and Caregivers,

“Toddlers’ Club”  welcomes children aged 18 months to 3 years and its goal is to offer children a great and smooth transition from home to a pre-school setting. In order to create an organized environment and allow our children to fully benefit from attending Noah’s Club, we ask for your cooperation in observing the following rules:

v  It is required that each child has his own bag with spare clothes and nappies in a sufficient quantity.
v  Parents/caregivers are welcome to stay and participate in the activities  with their child during the settling in phase (usually the first 2 or 3 weeks of attendance). After that period, we request that parent/caregiver leave the child alone with the teachers*.
This will allow  your child to develop independence and self-confidence better, as well as ensure his/her better participation in activities which will lead to benefiting more from our program.
*Exceptions are considered for the children with special needs.
v  Parents/caregivers who would like to stay within the premises of the Club for practical reason (long distance between home and Club) should ensure that their presence is not obvious to their child and it should not disturb the activities in our Club. Full discretion and good manner are expected from all the adults visiting the Club (please do not: speak loudly, lie down or sleep  in the Club, use the mobile phone inside the Club)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Winter and Christmas Fun starting Today!

A fun activity to remember that Winter and especially Christmas is around the corner…
A nice mix of crafts, games, storytelling and imaginative plays will be offered to children.
Every week, another related theme will be approached to keep this class very interesting and surprising!
Schedule every Friday, from 15h to 17h in our Afterschool Club (3-6 yrs)
Nov. 5th: We love snow!
Nov.12th: It is so cold....
Nov.19th: Mr Santa and the reindeers
Nov.26th: Christmas tree and Christmas decorations
Dec. 3rd: The story of the Christmas night
Dec. 10th: Season's greetings
Dec. 17th: Happy New Year!


We are sorry for the long break the past last weeks...
Next week on wednesday, Nov 10th, this class will resume with a new Yoga approach. There will be not only yoga postures, but also music, dancing, singing, massages and stories....
This mix will hopefully captivate everyone's attention and give everyone a lot of fun...
Schedule remains unchanged, 15h to 17h, including 1h hour class, snacks and playtime.
Please confirm booking if possible!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010