Friday, March 25, 2011


Along with our activities our children are strongly encouraged
to improve their social behaviour.

With different media as Puppets, flashcards, books, dolls and teddy bears, children are learning the principes of good behaviour.

It includes using basic polite words as "Please", " Thank you", "Sorry", greeting people  (saying hello and good bye), using indoor voice and not yell or shout.

We also focus on the development of friendship skills:
sharing, taking turn, helping, being nice and caring, hugging...

At snack and lunch time, children are learning to be independent: this goes from sitting still to eat by themselves and hold spoon correctly, and clean up its plate after eating.

In our Club, children are directly involved in the cleaning up, after each playtime, so they get a sense for tidying up toys. (they love the "Clean up" song and many even sing along while putting toys away :-)

Hygiene is also very important at the club: children will learn to wash hands carefully before each meal and after outdoor playtime and toilet using right amount of soap and water, and rubbing between all fingers.

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