Thursday, June 23, 2011


This morning we had a very interesting  session with Dr Claudia Schlobohm - a dentist from Germany. Mrs Claudia taught our children about what will happen if we don't take care of our teeth properly,  what foods are good and not good for teeth, and what the dentist do when you visit the clinic. Then we all practiced brushing teeth and played a game with good foods and bad foods. All the Young Learners were very interested, showing great attention and participation. Then they all got presents from Dr Claudia and Starlight Dental Clinic.

Should you have any questions regarding your children's dental health please contact Mrs Claudia directly by email .
Thank you Dr Claudia for a very interesting and valuable meeting!

Everyone listened attentively...

And then, the doctor has instructed each child how to brush their teeth properly...

... participants' excited game

Lined up to receive gifts from Dr. Claudia

And everyone enjoyed the gift...


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