Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What are you going to do this weekend?

            Definitely Noah's Club!! Last week, we had great fun with the Saturday Fun Club at Noah's Club. We were doing Arts, cooking, camping, playing and had great laughs the whole morning. The most fun activity was camping. We learned how to prepare for a picnic and a short camping trip. The walk after that was such an adventure even though we were actually just simply walking through the garden. While walking around the garden, we learned that you have to follow "arrows" which are directions to get to your camping spot, or you may get lost. It is very important to have the adults with you, because sometimes we don't understand the signs and there are so many strange things in the garden that we want to know about! When we got to our camping spot, we had to set up a tent, which wasn't easy but with the help of our teacher and the gardener, we made it!
            Oh, then the food hunting was a challenge but together and helping each other, nothing was that difficult. After all the hard work, it finally came to snack time. We had our food, the weather was fantastic and we were with great friends! What a fun morning!
            We can't wait to come back to Noah's Club next Saturday!

To keep these fun moments in our memory, we took pictures of the trip. We would love to share them. Enjoy looking at our Saturday Fun Club photos!

Getting ready! Don't forget to wear your hats!

Following arrows to find our camping point. 
To make it more fun, our teacher asked us to collect them on the way.

Here it is: our camp!

Noah found a letter! What's written inside?

Ah! It's the food hunt code!
Let's go food hunting
Noah: "This flower is so beautiful. But can we eat it?"

 Asking for help from the Chef
 to see if she can trade these lovely things we found in the garden for food

We finally got food! Let's celebrate

Giving the gardener some juice and fruits to thank him for helping us set up the tent.

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