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We would like to invite you and your child to come for a trial Drama
class with Helen O'Grady Drama at Noah's Club on Saturday 8th September at 10:00AM. The children will be able to have fun, make new friends and explore the Academy's Drama and Speech Program. Hope to see you there!

 Below is some information about Helen O'Grady Drama Academy

The Helen O'Grady Drama Academy was founded in Australia in 1979 and is now available in over 27 countries worldwide with over 50,000 students.  Helen O’Grady Drama develops their speech (articulation & projection), body awareness- all while learning English.  It is a literacy enrichment program taught through Drama.

Purpose of Helen O’Grady Drama Program
The purpose of the Helen O'Grady Drama System is to involve our students in a highly stimulating, creative, theatre arts program, designed to develop:

1. Enthusiasm and a positive approach to life.
2. Ongoing confidence.
3. Self esteem.
4. Skill in verbal communication.
5. Effective social interaction.

Curriculum System of program
Every year we have a different syllabus so your child never repeats a lesson...
For your child to learn the skills for life it does take time. We recommend you stay with Helen O Grady for 2 years.  This way the techniques are installed in them, their whole personality will be stronger and their communication skills will have been improved so much it will never go away.

Drama Story

For all levels, the main part of each lesson is creative drama story. It encourages the children to take on new roles, learn new lines all the time and be creative. 

The curriculum material in each lesson covers:
- Introductory Activities   
- Speech
- Movement
- Improvisation
- Dialogue Development
- Conclusion

Objectives of learning  from Pre School (age  4-5) to Lower Primary (age 6-8) and Upper primary (age 9-12) and Learning Outcomes for Youth Theatre (age 13-17) are:
a) Lay the foundation for language acquisition.
b) Develop creative expression.
c) Develop interactive social skills.
e)  Build balance co-ordination skills.
f) Develop problem solving skills.
g) Develop effective negotiation skills.
h) Develop leadership and teambuilding skills. 
i) Create spontaneous response towards given issues and problems.
j)  Use lateral thinking skills to solve problems. 
k) Use active listening strategies including asking for clarifications and explanations.
Drama is an active learning process- faster and more fluid.  In Drama they learn how to say the words with expression and emotion. Clear and confident communication is an important skill in our world today.   Drama allows students to learn through role-play which is a more natural and effective way of learning.

Your child will develop their language and speech skills through Creative Drama.
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