Saturday, November 9, 2013

Trick or treat party


We celebrated Halloween with a spooky party filled with Treats, and a few tricks, too.  

We started the party with a costume fashion runway.  Everyone had a chance to show off their costume. The kids danced and pranced down the runway and received the applause they all deserve.

Then we moved outside for some games. We wrapped some mummies, touched some mysterious witch body parts and tried to eat donuts without using our hands. 

On the other side of the garden, face & body painting attracted many children too. They were very good at holding still so they could have the most perfect body painting! And just like they expected, the painting turned out super cool!

Then came the big event- a piñata that sprayed candy and confetti everywhere. The kids picked up all the goodies they could find and put them in their treat bags.

Afterwards, they got to go trick-or-treating for even more goodies. Many choruses of “Trick-or-treat” and “Thank You”s later, bags were full of treats to take home. The snack table was set with chewy candy spiders, mummy hot dogs and cookie fingers- Snack time was pretty scary!

When our little ghosts and goblins were full, it was time to relax with a movie treat. Monsters Inc. was just the ticket to end the Halloween fun. 

To see more pictures of our Halloween party, please open the links!

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