Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gardening for children at Noah's club

We were delighted this month to welcome Tanya & Maggie from ‘Green House Collective Group’ and their twice weekly lessons on planting. Looking after the plants has gone down a treat with the Children who are very enthusiastic little gardeners!

In the beginning, we learned how to mix different soils together to make a nurturing soil for our plants to grow.
Sun, Water and Lots of love; that’s what our plants need!

Our ‘growing journals’ give us a chance to monitor our plants growth each week, especially since we’ve been watering them every day and want to make sure all our hard work is paying off

We watched a great cartoon on how to make compost and talked about which elements on the ground are dead or alive and which are good for our soil and which are bad. 
The last day of this class, we harvested a bunch of mustard greens!  

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